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No fans, ultra silence, able to be
installed indoor

C  H  A  R  A  C  T  E  R  I  S  T  I  C  S

DC input parameters
Max. DC input power(W)2300W3200W5300W
Max. DC input voltage(V)500V580V580V
Start Voltage(V)150V
Rated Voltage(V)380V
DC input voltage range (V)100 - 500V100 - 580V
Full load MPPT voltage range (V)175 - 500V210 - 500V175 - 500V
Max. Input current (A)12A15A15A/15A
# of MPPT / # of DC input strings1 / 11 / 22 / 2
DC BreakerYES
AC output parameters
Rated AC output power (W)2000W3000W5000W
Max. AC output power (W)2200W3000W5000W
Max. AC output current (A)11A15A23A
Rated AC output voltage / range (V)
​Rated Grid Frequency / range (Hz)
50/60 +/- 5Hz auto-sensing
Power factor (cosμ)
Output Harmonic (rated output)
< 3%
Max. efficiency97%97.4%97.6%
European efficiency96%96.5%97.1%
MPPT efficiency99.9%
Safety and Protection
Dc input reversed polarity protectionYES
Input DC impedance monitorYES
Leak current protectionYES
main monitorYES
Output DC component monitorYES
Ac short circuit protectionYES
General parameter
Operating Temperature (°C)-25 - 60°C
Relative Humidity0 - 95% Non-condensing
IP degreeIP65
Installation environmentIndoor or Outdoor
Cooling methodNatural cooling
Night consumption (W)< 0.5W
Display2 LED + 2 Lines x 16 characters LCD
Noise (dB)< 30dB
Isolation transformerTransformer-less
Dimension (W x H x D)mm330 x 350 x 145mm360 x 400 x 145mm390 x 460 x 165mm
Weight (Kg)12.5Kg16.8Kg21.8Kg
CertificationCE/TUV/VDE/ISO 9001/NOM
Warranty5 YEARS
Specification may be changed without prior notice.
All rights reserved by Kenjitsu USA Corp.

Wide range of DC input ( 100 - 500Vdc)
Transformer-less design, Highe efficiency
Intelligent fault detection, alarm and protection
On-Line real time monitoring system
Anti-islanding protection
Plug-Pullout anti-watering interface, 

easy for installation and maintenance

ELITE Grid-Tied String PV Inverter


Block Diagram 5 K

Advanced MPPT technology,
maximize energy harvest
IP65 Outdoor water-proof design
Digital LCD screen, RS485/Wi-Fi
Communication, easy to monitor

Block Diagram 2 & 3 K